I’m going to shed you like a snake sheds skin…

Because it’s a necessity for my growth, to be unrestricted,

To become

The fullest version of myself.

The deadweight must fall,

To make way for the fresh and the new that serves to project and encourage my rebirth.

I’ll keep you for as long as I can until

I’m suffocated,

And it’s time to expand. 
This is what’s most natural,

Most required;

Most vital to sustenance…
A new skin,

For my becoming.


I’ve spent large parts of my life surrounded and suffocated by people.

This ‘social’ life so promoted, with a million ‘friends’ and acquaintances,

all the ‘shoulds’ I’ve been doing… for what?

I sit, sipping wine…

Staring into the gaping mouths of the vacant.

I’m bored

But it’s not polite to leave as early as I want to.

Instead, I smile complacently and dumb myself down

My speech: gossiping, spewing the salacious, the scandalous, the sensational…

About others, about myself…

I become ‘The Entertainment’.

To be laughed at, prodded and poked, sometimes shrieked at and applauded. 

Dance monkey, dance! 

Fill the stillness
Distract from my misery.

It’s exhausting

The deafening roar of the inane.

And it’s everywhere. 

So, many, people. 

And the more you sift, the less that serve, any purpose whatsoever.

These ‘friends’ that I’ve dragged like peeling skin because they stick. 

Is it that scary to let go of attachment? 

And I’ve done it too:

half-revealed in the present, half encased with the past:

Grasping to the memories of people, instead of the reality that is.

It’s stifling. 

So you start…

To peel it away,

bit by bit,

more and more,

facing the resistance from the skin, struggling to stay.

Until the new skin, so fresh, so relevant, so enjoyable,

starts to become stale too…

The unsustainability of it doesn’t mean it didn’t serve its purpose,

that it wasn’t just what was right at the time…

The time, which has moved on, as must I.


Don’t wear what doesn’t fit you.

Find your size.

Find your people. 

Some will become absorbed into your bloodstream,

A permanent piece of your heart

But the majority are fodder, are excess, are attachments.

Shed your skin,

It’s the most natural thing to do. 

Letting it go to grow.

Because this is your challenge: your process of becoming.

Of actualizing from someone small and slithery into the powerful, majestic creature you are.

Embracing your splendidness.

Perhaps misunderstood by the masses, but revered.

The Allowing of your fullest self to be is your sacred path.




And you’ll be led

Into your becoming. 

Fearless and new

You’ll give yourself life’s truest gift

The gift of belonging

To you. 


So P.S:

Fuck your ‘friends’ and these ‘group dinners’ and the ‘did you know what so and so did’ and the backhanded ‘compliments’ and the jealousy and blatant lies.

All the bullshit with ‘having a good time’ and the “oh my god I’m so hung-over” medals. 
Do what serves you, stand for something; don’t fit in. 

Handpick your people. 

Stop wasting time with the subpar. The average. The ‘cool’. 

Whoever told you, you had to fit in was a liar, and that lingering belief is robbing you of your chance to discover, to play, where it’s really fun: in the world of creation: in the is what isn’t yet.

Your current status ‘this’ – isn’t your life so be brave and make one that fits.

Find your people and if who you thought were morphs into something else or you evolve again, as you will, again and again, then go with the flow and cull the herd!

Discover your bliss!

In the ever-changing shape, it takes. 

Ride the wave of change and savor every




Because this moment,

the one with you in it,

is your whole fucking life. 

So Live, Now.

Or forever, don’t find peace. 

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