Hear my silent howl echoing through the urban jungle.

Feel my vibration, bouncing off taxis and skyscrapers and passersby.

See me in those dark shadows, out of the corner of your eye.

Taste me in the ocean spray on holiday.

Touch me in the cool dark nights of your solitude, woven into the thread count.

Sense my anticipation, in the orchestra tuning their instruments, almost ready now…

Do you remember all those moments you thought you’d found me before?
In the twinkle of her eyes, the glimpse of her sunlit smile?
You read me in a poem, heard me in a song. I was yours, yet so far gone. Still.
The idea of me, present but misplaced. With you, without a trace of me.

I put you out of my mind. Buried you inside my broken heart.
I left you to marinate in the sweet sensation of artificial love and repeated mistakes.
I swam in them too. Putting as much space between us as I knew how to do.
Built a cerebral cage around my knowing of you. Blocked you out.
I wasn’t ready for you yet.

I traded our time for experience. I emptied heart-space.
There’s a place for you now. A soul home. I invite you in. It’s time to rest.
We’ve stood the test, becoming the best we understand ourselves to be.
Our frequency has lifted our vision to meet each other, eye to eye.
And when you see me, across a crowded world, you’ll know. You’ll remember.

It’ll happen lightning fast. Because we’re nothing less than intense.
With your powerful presence and my encompassing passion, we’re a union of kindred spirits.
Our twin flame burns bright, reflecting our mirrored souls across galaxies of combined insights.

You’re like no other I’ve ever met. A true individual, unbound and free.
And you adore me as I am. Nothing’s too much, or too soon, or crazy.
You take life as it is. Your acceptance is dazzling…

We learn about judgment and letting it go.

About non-expectation and going with the flow.

We live a life that’s alternative, that’s distinctive and true.

And as much as you love me, you’ll love you too.

I won’t be your world. We’ll embrace the world together.

Distinct are our colors, but we’re birds of a feather.

This love sets us free; we remain a me and a you.

A love that’s evolving, a love that is true.

Our realities combine to shape a new perspective.

We manifest our dreams with our fullest intention.

You’ve heard my call; when you discover that,

Each to our own is our way to come home.

Star soul, I am waiting.

And I’ll believe in you too when I look deep in your eyes to remember, it’s you.

In this journey, I trust that lifetimes apart it was always… us.

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