Come here gorgeous baby, 

let Mama love you right. 

Lay your head down on my pillows, 

I’ll wrap my legs around you tight. 

Your mama didn’t love you, 

but that’s ok my dear.

You’re here now with me, baba, 

I’ll keep you safe and near. 

Don’t let your eyes go drifting to all those silly girls, 

Cause what you’ve found with me, boy?

 Out of swine, babe – I’m a pearl. 

I’ll be your ever present, 

Your warm place from the cold.

All you have to do, boy, is

Fit into my mold. 

Let me raise you, baby, 

I’ll be your sacred muse.

Just listen to what I say, dear, and 

Do the things I choose. 

I’ve got your best interests managed,

There’ll be no further damage.

Simply follow my guidance closely, 

Take these instructions, mostly,

And know deep down that the “you” I discover, 

Was there all along, like a prodigal brother. 

You’re coming home to who you are, love, 

A place where there’s me and there’s you, 

When you arrive you won’t need another, 

Because our love repeats true and new. 

We’ll create a circle of trust, babe, 

Where there’s no beginning, no end, 

And all I ask from you, dear, 

Is to be my forever, my friend. 

Perhaps it’s time to warn you, 

That should you not follow my heed, 

I will burn you to the ground, sweet, 

Swallow you whole, split your seed. 

Please know there’s no backing out now, 

I’ve made my choice, and it’s you. 

So surrender and lay here still and softly,

While I whisper gently,

‘”It’s you.” 

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