[Music, Poetry & Candlelight] Music is Medicine. Beauty is Healing. Rebella Candles as Remembering.

This Reading is accompanied by this playlist of Metamorphosis with Philp Glass & Olivia Belli, for your listening pleasure.

Existence is…


Hope amidst the hopelessness

Beauty swirls between the chaos 

Flames of fear licking at the edges of every desire

Compassion for the inevitable loss of it all

The all-encompassing nothingness that taps like rain on a window 

That remains at the heart of everything 

Throbbing: bliss and misery

Anticipated pleasure, foreboding pain… 


that nothing matters.

Here in the liminal…

Born to experience pre-death. 

Living as before to an unimaginable next


at this moment, 

this choice, 

this time, 


The ridiculous made-up magic of it all. 

The nonsensical importance of values decaying at the graveyard of burning dreams.

Unspoken covenants to keep you beholden to what you make it mean, and matter.

Devastating consequences,

Swollen pride,

And impossible expectations of an incomprehensible experience.

Until it’s done, I say. 

Until I’m done. 

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