Dear One, born to overcome, discover and recover.
Rebella, beautiful rebel, on your journey of return…
Here are your 7 phases of the rebel’s journey…

(Wherever you are, hello, from the darkness between my next becoming…)

Stage One: The beginning

Phase One: She

“Control: a nasty little trick. It works for you, while you work for it.”

The one self-imprisoned.

Kept safe by her choice of control cage. Her eating disorder, abusive relationship, marriage, addiction. Any / all result in the same result, a powerless sense of impending doom.

A ‘this isn’t it’ feeling. Coupled with the disbelief that anything other is possible. Unless she grants her own permission to step away from her choice of control. When she reaches ‘Maybe if…’ she’s already on the pathway to the rabbit hole.

‘She’ surrenders herself to the possibility of something other than…

Phase Two: Becoming

Your chrysalis.

Lost in the unknown, her transformation has begun. She shed her skin again and again. Let go of personas, personalities, and principles that once held true. All that no longer serves her process of becoming. Fragile and fierce, she’s in the canal of re-birth.

Welcome to the messy, muddy middle… we’re about to turn up the heat.

Stage Two: The burning

Phase Three: Eve

“I bit the apple.”

It’s time for your exodus from Eden.

Upon surrendering her false sense of control, she tasted the possibility of real freedom. Stage one prepared her to leave the garden. We revisit our Eve phase when we can no longer ignore we know there is more for us and more to us. She’s tasted truth and now thirsts for it. Abandoning her comfort zone, she says goodbye to a metaphorical (or literal) Adam. And steps into the unknown once more.

Phase Four: Lilith

Warning: not for the faint of heart.

When you welcome Lilith, reality, as you know it will dissolve. Lilith takes it all in and swallows. Welcome to rage, to pain and wild rebellion.

No more good ‘should’ girl. Now full Wild Woman, who takes what she wants without concern of consequence. When Lilith enters, Kali is close by. Radical change to sweep you off your feet and throw you deep into a tidal wave of churning emotional rage. You’re in the eye of the storm and a tornado of chaos surrounds you.

Perspectives shift, and reality as you know it tilts. Hold on for your dear old life, it’s stormy weather for a while. As the flames engulf you, submit to them. You can no longer outrun the burning. Your life is up in flames… dance in the fire.

Phase Five: Witch

The ultimate feminist icon: Witch.

Alone in the woods, making magical potions and gathering in covens. Let them judge. “Man hater!” they’ll say, cowering in terror of the fire – a remnant flickering in your bright eyes.

You’ve seen things, you know things now.

And there is power in your ‘knowingness’. She’s sharpened intuition shaped by the storm on the rough rocks of a painful but unavoidable past. You’ve been in preparation, your whole life. A time-bending, shape-shifting, magical warrior witch who’s transmuted her pain into power. An internal elixir to yield external intentional manifestations. Now under the moonlight, we gather the others to play…

Here we are each rewarded with remembering: we were never alone.

Stage Three: The birthing

Phase Six: Phoenix

Glorious Phoenix, majestic in her birthright of magic. She stands tall, head tilted upwards, palms upturned, channeling spirit, in service of others. Cleansed after the fire, with a purity of peace surrounding her. She shares her gifts with the world. In a grace state of plentiful abundance, she inhales gratitude and exhales possibilities. In her moments of the highest truth, she reflects the best version of us.

Her vibration is glowing flames of bright white light. The culmination of the kaleidoscopic colors. Her frequency is ever-present. She is the ultimate gift of ‘as is now’ joy state. Her desires are in harmony with her co-created reality. With the world in her hands, she is transcendent.

Phase Seven: Me

“I am.”

Me is the She that has become herself.

She’s reached home. Remembered who she always was and revealed her true nature to the world. It is the point of return. The always, all stages in circular perpetuity. Empowered instead of owned by her emotions, everything flows through her, whatever comes. ‘Me’ is the ‘she’ that has reclaimed her body as her own. Redefined her contribution to the world. From a courageous act of wild rebellion to a sustainable, self-generating creative revolution. Real ‘me’ is the culmination. Complex, and more interesting than any of the separate ‘she’s that have fought for the prime position in life’s performance of fitting in.

Me, who always was and always is, beneath the surface, beyond the seas of sadness and the fires of rage. Quietly, just me, I am.

More? … The Inversion

The secret key to unlock the phases of the stages is the Inversion. The upside-down A symbolized in the Rebella Logo. Pointing to the direction inward. The divine feminine, great mystery, the sacred Yoni, the entry point of origin.

This is the deep inner wounding that keeps us locked in, bottled up, hiding instead of revealing. Castrated instead of liberated. Our fear, collectively unifying but shamefully isolating. The shameful secrets that keep us in hiding. The parts we deemed as sinful. Our straight-jacketed ‘crazy’. The something that holds us back.

It is the trauma of our sexual shame. Whatever that is.

Here we get to address our sexual shame: the trauma, abuse, the misused power. The secrets that keep us sick inside. That sore at the center of the sadness. Something so dark and terrifying, we will do anything to look away, blind ourselves, distract from it.

Only when we enter this inversion, do we unlock and begin the discovery process. Only then are we able to overcome. Our recovery process begins here.

Your reclamation is our greatest rebellion.

All progress is through processing.

Immersion into the inversion.

And after the triumph of our journey, our celebration through our creative revolution, our life, from the comfort of home.

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