Rebella and the Tarot

As shape-shifting magical creatures, we are more than society’s boxed binary narratives. Unlimited to a singular category, description, or type, we are more than just one thing. Like the tarot itself, we contain all the major arcana inside ourselves. Within each phase of the Rebella journey, we complete a unique life-death-life cycle of expansion and contraction. 

While I’ve listed these phases in linear progression and linked them to the vertical lines of the tarot, they aren’t linear. Phases happen in spirals. You’ll enter “becoming” between each phase and start over many times, again and again.

1.) She

Magician – Strength – The Devil

‘She’ is the part of us that is separated from our true selves. We start the heroine’s journey upon noticing this split. 

Our Magicians are powerful producers. They can draw from all elements to manifest whatever they want. They contain the spark of magic that sets us off, out onto our journey of self-discovery. 

We draw strength from our wild natures. Beyond the shouting “should’s” of society, we listen to the hiss of our sacred yes and roaring no. Sometimes our conviction frightens those who don’t understand that witches cannot be tamed. Here we face our fears and attune to our essential selves.

Our scapegoat devils no longer serve us, when we can no longer stick ourselves back together with shame. We realize that the con artist in the tug of war between convincing ourselves it will be different this time, and our conviction that it’s time to liberate ourselves is whomever we choose him to be. There is no Devil within and we’re free to break our self-imposed chains any time we choose. 

When we’re ready to trade trauma for trusting the divine unfolding, we’re on to phase two. 

2.) Becoming

High Priestess – The Hermit – The Tower

The journey has begun. We’re in our undoing, becoming who we are by shedding all that no longer serves us.

Our High Priestess urges us to pause in between what was and what will be. We’re supported on all sides and it’s safe to dissolve within. This is a time of sacred silence. We’re nesting and settling ourselves before rebirth.

Our Hermits remind us that slow and steady sets the pace. There is no race! They whisper that “More will be revealed” as we follow the next right indicated action. The glow of our building intuition illuminates our baby steps. 

The darkness is nothing to fear – it’s preparing us for…

Our Towers. Lightning strikes more than twice! Crack and snap, tumble and fall. There is no place for temporary patch jobs and quick fixes. It’s foundational bone medicine here. 

We are the snake shedding its skin, writhing in exquisite ecstasy and agony of our deepest stretch toward grace. 

3.) Eve

The Empress –  The Wheel of Fortune – The Star

Sweet, Eve is the part of us who wants to serve humanity – but is learning that there is no greater service to the world than the service to herself. 

Our Empresses are comfortable in sizes that fit! Expanded with effortless ease into our Garden of Eden, we’re barefoot beauties here. It’s gentle pleasure as we linger longer. We’re receiving, but is it what we truly want? Is this the tastiest, juiciest, most vibrant, and delicious version of reality? Or Is there’s something more? 

“Yes Eve, there is…” our sisters’ whisper. 

The winds of change blow our wheels of fortune and we center ourselves in the eye of the storm. Change is inevitable, and it calls once again. We tend to our own needs and remind ourselves that we are the ones we’ve been looking for. It’s an ideal time to set up our altars and collect elements for spell work. 

Our Stars shine in celebration of the transformational mending and tending work we’ve done. We’ve healed ourselves, and our outer reality reflects our inner healing. We’ve refreshed and replenished and we’re ready for the unexpected. Starlight reflects a glimmer in our eyes that speaks of fire deep inside.

4.) Lilith

The Emperor  – Justice – The Moon

When we enter Lilith, we’ve made a choice to change the trajectory of our lives, and there’s no going back. The divide is clear. We have crossed a line to walk through the fire into freedom.

Our Emperors empower us to take up space, to be seen and heard for all that we are. No more meek and mild child, we’re as weird and wild, wonderful and wicked as we are, unapologetically. 

We discover Justice in re-writing the history books. In sharing the untold stories, buried by the Patriarch. Our twin sister Lilith called our Eve, and we choose to exit Eden to support her. We’re ruled by freedom. We’ll burn down structures and past paradigms to co-create a new world that includes everyone. 

Many Moons, like our many cycles, rise and fall, and ebb and flow, pulling at our emotional tides. What comes up from our murky depths are gifts, primed for transmutation. Anger at injustice catalyzes compassionate change!

5.) Witch

The Hierophant – The Hanged Man – The Sun

With each lie we un-tell ourselves about who we pretended to be, we lighten our load until we’re broomstick weightless and ready to fly! From stuck, small, shrouded and sore – we’re literally ready to soar!

Our Hierophants ask us: who are the teachers and preachers who govern us? It’s time to redefine and reclaim titles. Our greatest teacher is within and we aren’t bound to obey anyone else. We rule our destines. Her-story rewrites histories. 

We’re flipping the switch and shifting perspective out of linear thinking of good vs bad into something decidedly delightful.

We’ve become comfortable in the uncomfortable and our Hanged Men welcome us to invert our thinking. It simply doesn’t have to be all so serious. The cracking chaos from our tower moments, are a distant memory now  – reflected in the cackle of our howling laugh at the moon. Nothing happened to us — it was all for us. An invitation to explore and expand into our totality. Which we do in…

Our sun invites us out of the shadows in the dark recesses of the woods and out into the light of day to play. No more hiding, no more lies – it’s time for Witch, bitch! 

We take up space, spell ourselves alive and claim our sovereign right to exist: and so it is!

For those blinded by the light, we do not dim our shine. Our star power is our birthright. Here we claim it.

6.) Phoenix 

The Lovers – Death – Judgement 

From the glory of the sun, in our phoenix phase, we embrace our own magnificent natures. Beginning in our empresses, we now fully embody our divine feminine selves with Ying energy from our empress phase, and our divine masculine, with Yang energy from our emperor phase. 

This energy meets in The Lovers. We mirror the divine in everything we perceive. Our Sun and Moon: light and dark. The beauty inside is reflected in every living thing outside us. We are not separate but one, in union with all that was and all that will be. 

We’ve shed all that no longer serves us, and what we’ve discarded has been repurposed into fertile compost. Death energy dissolves, disintegrates, and enriches the soil for our next rebirth. We shift forms from one state to another. Phoenix rising in our resurrection. 

Our personal Judgement day is where we announce to the world the truth of our trauma’s. Transmuted to treasures, we gift others with our stories. Our voices ring loud and clear and we shook skeletons free from their closets. The little howling dog of intuition no longer sleeps or lies – our she-wolf howls and speaks truth. 

7.) Me

Chariot – Temperance – The World

When we speak our truth, we arrive home. From She, lost in the past to Me, found in the present moment of here and now. 

Our Chariot represents the skin we’re in and we look good in it. Shining brightly, sharing freely, our outsides reflect our insides. There is nothing to prove here. We don’t need a shell of protection because it cannot destroy us as we are. We’ve been through the ring of fire and only the real remains. 

Our Temperance is our dance between spirit and human. We dip into the third and fifth dimension as it serves to delight and excite us. Everything we need is within us. 

The world is our oyster. We’ve been shucked, slurped and sucked in raw and now we relish in our vibrant, layered, delicious lives. Here we celebrate that every single, precious moment is a gift. Our present is presence. The world is ours for the making. 


The Inversion

And just as with Tarot’s Fool card that progresses through the twenty-one parts of the major arcana, our heroine’s journey starts again where it ends. With the inversion. 

Our heroine’s symbol is the upside down letter, A. Containing the mysteries of the entry point: from whenst we came to whenst we return. The inverted A symbolizes our physical portal: the vulva/yoni. We must unlock our sexual trauma, whatever that is, to start again. Spirally unlocking deeper with every cycle. 



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