About The Rebella Venus [Temperance Prayer] Candle

Rebella’s Venus [Temperance Prayer] contains healing magic and lots of love. It is the ultimate luxury item. Limited edition, and hand-poured in Hermosa Beach by Lauren Wallett (me).


When you invest in a Rebella Candle, you’re getting more than just a statement piece candle. You’re getting a reflection of the beauty and quality you deserve in life. This is not an ordinary candle and you’ll experience the difference when you ignite the flame. It’s candle creation as a healing spiritual practice, with a slow-make process. There is nothing mass-produced or rushed about it. I have loved each candle into existence and taken extra care of each one. The collection is limited to ensure I’m only making them from a space of love and peace to ensure you get the best energy emitted from the flame. You’re not just buying a candle. You’re accessing a piece of magic.

You’re accessing a piece of magic. 

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Width: 3.77 inches approx / 9.6cm approx

Height: 4.40 inches approx / 11.2cm approx


Top notes: Green Leaves, Ozone | Middle notes: Ylang-Ylang, Lily of the Valley, Carnation, Rose | Base notes: Peppercorn, Powder

Burn time

+60 hours



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